Survey of children reveals the impact of abuse on their education – Niall Murray, Education Correspondent, Irish Examiner

    At least 3 children in every primary school 4th class are being bullied every week, and it is having a significant effect on their education. Three children in the average 24 pupil class say they experienced three of the following six bullying behaviours once or twice a month:

    * Being made fun of or called names   * Being left out of games or activities by students  * Having lies spread about them  * Having something stolen  

    Being hit or hurt by stundent(s)  * Being made to do things they did not want to do by students

    The results were published this month as part of the International Association for Evaluation of Educational Achievement tests  in reading, maths, and science.

    “There is growing evidence that bullying in schools in on the rise, especially with the emergence of cyberbullying, and that bullying does have a negative impact on students educational achievement.”

    The average Irish 10-year-old scored 552 points in reading, and for children who are almost never bullied it was 563.  For those bullied monthly, the average score dropped  to 545, but it fell to 510 among those who are bullied weekly.

    Dr Eemer Eivers from the Educational Research Centre at St Patricks’s College in Dublin, who led the study in Ireland, said a 53 point difference in reading scores is huge.  “That’s the kind of difference any teacher would identify fairly quickly.  Most studies have found  that children who are bullied perform less well.”


    The above is a few points taken from Niall Murrays piece in the Irish Examiner on 27th December, 2012.


    Children need to build their self esteem/self confidence and be made aware of the hurt all forms of bullying can cause.  They are living in a very different world to that of their parents – bullying was always there but there seems to be a new nastier form of bullying growing amongst our young.  It is imperative we help them and do everything we can to teach them how to deal with same.

    Good old fashioned manners, respect and bounderies are areas our young need more than ever and this is certainly an area we, as parents, can instill in our children.


    Please do not hesitate to contact me if you wish to discuss any of the points made above or any other issues relating to this topic.

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