Eileen Keane, director of Jumpstartyourconfidence.com has had a very positive response from our students.  This is our second year availing of her programmes for 1st year students on;

    The importance of a positive Self-Esteem


    Social Media and Bullying Awareness


    The students’ feedback was very positive. They indicated that the sessions helped them to understand issues many of them have had whilst settling into secondary school.

    For example;

    -the fact that many students found things difficult, they were not alone,

    -the importance of believing in themselves

    -the importance of friendship .

    -the damaging effects of all types of bullying.

    They found the Social Media section especially helpful in giving them strategies to find a balanced life and helped their awareness as to the pros and cons of same.


    This is our first year availing of the Coping Skills talk for Junior Cert Students and this was also very well received by the students. Eileen dealt with issues such as peer pressure, choices, self-control and exam pressure in a very holistic way. She has a deep understanding of the issues concerning young people today and a natural empathy with teenagers.


    I would highly recommend both of Eileen’s sessions and would be happy to give further feedback to any school interested in these talks.


    Ellen Van Walleghem

    Deputy Principal

    Mount Mercy College


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