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    Friendships are an important part of childhood. For many this happens naturally and many kids enjoy positive friendships throughout their childhood and adolescence. Unfortunately, for many this does not happen quite so easily. I come across so many kids/adolescents who are confused and upset regarding friendships. Maybe it is the effects of social media, American…

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    Life Coaching is not just for adults – why wait? Confidence Coaching for Kids is a very effective way to help your child to deal with the ups and downs of growing up.  Every child will benefit from Confidence Coaching as it gives them the tools to deal with the many different challenges they may…

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    How To Get Your Child To Talk To You

    Listen and hold your tongue. Kids want to be heard. They want to be understood. If we rush in to give our opinion – they aren’t going to feel heard or understood. Bite your tongue – literally if you have to. This simple and obvious skill took me a long time to master. Silence is uncomfortable,…

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    Mature woman yelling to ear of teenager on phone
    COMMUNICATION – -PART 2 (11 yrs – 18 yrs)

      “COMMUNICATION – THE HUMAN CONNECTION – IS THE KEY TO PERSONAL AND CAREER SUCCESS.” 11 years – 18 years Teenagers are naturally anxious or insecure about where they fit in the world. Part of their own development is getting an understanding of what relationships they want or need in their lives. What really matters…

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    mother reading a bedtime story favorite daughter

    COMMUNICATION – PART 1 – START AS YOU MEAN TO GO ON What is communication? The goal of communication is to understand others and to be understood by others. Communication is a two way street. Everyone talks about teenagers and communication – Why don’t they talk to me? How can I get them to open…

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    How Much Sugar Is In Your Food and Your Childs Food?

    Our cells need sugar (glucose) to survive, however, consuming too much of it can cause numerous different health problems. Added sugar contains no beneficial nutrients and in excess only contributes to tooth decay, diabetes and obesity. How much sugar should be take in per day? Age 0-5                    3 teaspoons sugar per day Generally this age…

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    How can we help our kids to discover their Gifts & Talents?

    Using the 7 Types of Intelligences to Help Your Kids Discover Their Gifts & Talents Grades, “IQ” tests, and other standardised tests have caused major debates amongst parents and the education community because many believe they don’t measure the “whole child”. Although these tests might predict how a child will perform in school, they don’t…

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