Help Your Child Learn The Deeper Meaning Of Christmas This Year

    Many children experience Christmas as a time to create lists of all the material goods they think they need – it is our job as parents to protect them and teach them the deeper meaning of Christmas also.  Help them to learn it can be more rewarding to give than to receive.  Help them to enjoy the Holidays with the family – spending time together.

    How?  Here are a few ideas:

    .           Give her a little extra pocket money and make a ‘charity jar’ in your home.  Let her decide what charity she would like to give the money to, it can be a tradition every year to give her savings to her special chosen charity.

    .           Let him experience how good generosity feels – buy an extra can of whatever he wants in the supermarket and he can give it to the charity that are usually collecting non perishable items at this time of year.

    .           Spread sweetness – work together as a family to make cakes or cookies – take them to your local old peoples home, homeless shelter, penny dinners….

    .           Make a Santa’s Workshop – go through the house together looking for anything you no longer use that could be cleaned up or repaired and donated.  Create a ‘give-away box’ to pass on to kids who need them. (Don’t force them to give, it needs to be their choice or it will backfire)

    .           Have your kids write a little thank you note to people who make a difference in their lives – a grandparent, coach, teacher, cousin, neighbor…and deliver them together.

    .           Light a candle together on Christmas Eve to remember everyone you love, they may be still with you or they may have passed on but remembering is so special.  Celebrate with a glass of champagne (non alcoholic now available for little ones) – this can be a wonderful tradition every year. (Family Kris Kringle can be great fun and not expensive.)

    .           Take time to watch family Christmas movies ‘together’ – with all the extra treats allowed at this time of year.


    We have a very special job to ensure our children have wonderful memories, traditions and values – especially at Christmas Time.  Try to take the time to make them happen – you are the only ones that can!



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