How Much Sugar Is In Your Food and Your Childs Food?

    Our cells need sugar (glucose) to survive, however, consuming too much of it can cause numerous different health problems. Added sugar contains no beneficial nutrients and in excess only contributes to tooth decay, diabetes and obesity.

    How much sugar should be take in per day?

    Age 0-5                    3 teaspoons sugar per day

    Generally this age group is taking in approximately 12 teaspoons per day

    Age 5-8                    5 teaspoons sugar per day

    Generally this age group is taking in approximately 21 teaspoons per day

    9-adults                   6 teaspoons per day

    generally this age group is taking in approximately 24 teaspoons per day


    4 grams of sugar = 1 teaspoon of sugar


    If you want to make changes to your diet and your kids diet, start with little steps.   Little swops at a time will help all of the family become healthier without too much pain!


    List of sugar in food to help you to make that swop


    Cereal  Coco pops         9 spoons sugar                                            

    Frosted flakes                8.9 spoons sugar

    Honey nut                        8.3 spoons sugar

    Honey smacks                14 spoons sugar

    Raisin bran                      7.8 spoons sugar

    Muesli                                3 spoons sugar

    Corn flakes                       1 spoon sugar

    Rice crispies                     2.5 spoons sugar

    Cheerios                             1 spoon sugar


    Fruit juice                          7 teaspoons sugar  

    Can coke/

    7-up/Fanta                        9 teaspoons sugar

    flavored milk                    5.5 teaspoons sugar

    sports drink(500ml)       5 spoons sugar

    fruit smoothie (1glass)   3.5 spoons sugar

    Hot chocolate (1mug)    4.5 spoons sugar

    Orange squash                 2.3 teaspoons sugar

    (per glass)

    Milk (per glass)                0 spoons sugar

    Lucozade sport               .8 spoons sugar

    Tonic water(100g)          1.2 spoons sugar

    Blackcurrant (100g)       2.3 spoons sugar

    Cranberry juice(100g)    2.8 spoons sugar

    Water                                  free of sugar



    Cookies/cakes, desserts

    Chocolate cake                 6 spoons sugar

    (4oz piece)

    scones                                 5.3 spoons sugar

    Madeira cake                      7.3 spoons sugar

    (100g serving)

    sponge cake                        8.6 spoons sugar

    (100g serving)

    Ice cream sauce                 15.9 spoons sugar

    (per 100g serving)

    bread (1slice)                     0 spoon sugar

    Muffin (1 med size)          0 spoon sugar

    Banana cake (4oz )           2 spoons sugar

    Brownie no icing (1oz)   4 spoons sugar

    Danish pastry 1 slice      4 spoons sugar

    Gingersnap biscuit          4 spoons sugar

    Savory biscuit (1)            1.3 spoons sugar

    Oatmeal cookie                2 spoons sugar

    Chocolate digestive         2.5 spoons sugar

    Jaffa biscuit                       3.25 spoons sugar



    Starburst packet              5.5 spoons sugar

    M & M packet                   5.8 spoons sugar

    Snickers bar                      7 spoons sugar

    Mars bar                             8.5 spoons sugar

    Hard boiled sweets

    (3 sweets)                          2 spoons sugar

    twix bar                              9.5 spoons sugar

    snickers bar                      7 spoons sugar                          


    Teaspoons of sugar in common fruits, sauces, jams


    Strawberries (147g)               1.7 spoons sugar

    Fruit canned (half cup)

    In light syrup                            2 spoons sugar

    Peanut butter 100g                 1.4 spoons sugar

    Baked beans (100g)               1.2 spoons sugar

    Peas         (100g)                       .4 spoon sugar

    Sweetcorn-kernels 100g      .9 spoon sugar

    Sugar, jam, jelly -1spoon         1 spoon sugar

    Pineapple (112g)                     2.1 spoons sugar

    Banana    (1 large)                 4 spoons sugar

    Apple (1 large)                        5 spoons sugar

    Tomato Ketchup 100g         5.6 spoons sugar

    Honey 1 tbls                            3 spoons sugar

    Marmalade 100g                   15.7 spoons sugar

    Start today and make that swop – sugar is the fastest growing addiction in the Western world – help yourself and your family to lead a healthier life. 



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