How you can help your child interact safely on social media

    • Become familiar with social media yourself – get a lesson if necessary
    • žBe ready to open their first Facebook account safely with them
    • žAlways insist on having passwords of phones and Facebook accounts
    • žAlways insist on your child ‘friending’ you on Facebook
    • žInsist on a safe place for them –(e.g. their bedroom) where there are no phones, iPods, I pads, computers – it will be the only break they get.  They may put up a fight but as the saying goes “nothing worthwhile in life comes easy”
    • žIf you notice your child retreating away on their own, not taking part in usual social activities, not talking as much as usual – try to talk to them – give them time – if you find it hard to get them to open up suggest they contact someone they are close to and know they can trust.  (i would strongly suggest every child has someone outside the immediate family to turn to – older cousin, aunt, godparent – it has to be someone they can relate to and know they can trust)
    • žRemember this is the world they are growing up in, whether we as parents like it or not, so we have to support them and teach them the safe way of using social media.

    žIt is much easier to insist on rules when they first connect with social media – the older they get the harder it will be – stick to the rules (as best you can)

    We are living in a world where parenting is getting harder and harder but we have to remember we did sign up for it – we owe it to our children to support and help them and do our best to keep them safe – there is plenty of help out there – ask for it!
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