Confidence Coaching for Kids

    Life Coaching has been aimed at adults, why is that?

    This is a fun, story-based mentoring programme that helps kids to learn how to handle the ups and downs of growing up.  Coaching helps kids to understand how their thought process works and how they can control the thoughts that go in….regardless of what others may say to them.




    In the ever changing world of social media that is affecting our kids from a very early age, I strongly believe they need to have to tools to deal with the ups and downs of growing up – image issues, peer pressure, learning how to deal with mistakes and move on, learning to be a best friend (bff) to themselves and much more.

    A confident child has a very good chance of becoming a confident teenager and young adult.




    Kids need a very strong sense of self to cope with bullying and the many problems they may face on a daily basis.

    These stories have wonderful clever life lessons that kids will remember as they go through life.

    Each story deals with a different life situation that  kids can relate to e.g. dealing with change, learning from their mistakes, taking responsibility for their actions, setting goals and achieving them, friendships and trust.


    “It was amazing mum…These were the exact word of my daughter following a confidence coaching session with Eileen.  She really enjoyed the session and we had a great chat on the way home.  Thank you so much for everything.  It has really helped her to see things from a different perspective.”