Mid-Term Break – try not to make it a stressful time!

    Mid-Term break – ‘break’ is quite a funny word to use. Most houses can find mid-term hard; as parents may be working, weather can be terrible, kids can get bored easily and overall it can be very costly. Sometimes the kids go to daily camps, sometimes playdates can be planned and sometimes kids just remain under mothers feet at home all day.
    I remember the days when my 4 kids were under 8 years of age, dreading mid-term break – dreading the constant planning of playdates and trying to keep them all entertained. Now as my kids are 11- 18years – one in College, one working part-time, one happy to remain in bed and one still looking for entertainment, I look back on the days we could all watch a movie together, plan a day out together, plan a couch day together and I am as surprised as anyone else to admit I miss those days. My kids now seem to go in 4 different directions most days and I cherish the odd days that we find ourselves in the same space!!
    My advice is to try to make the most of these times, as they are all under your roof, as they do go by faster than you can imagine.
    Take out that board game, even though there may be 1000 other things you could be doing, start the baking, even though you dread the mess, plan that outing/walk even though it may take a lot of encouragement – don’t let these days slip by ……. these are the memories your kids will remember in years to come. I guarantee you these are the days they will remember when they are parenting themselves. Teach your kids that spending time together is very important, having fun together is very important, talking to each other is very important. These lessons will go with them through life. It is great for your kids to see you laugh out loud, get competitive (not ott) when playing board games with them, joking with each other – all too often they remember us shouting at them, looking at them as though they really are in our way, or just simply ignoring there plea for attention.
    Parenting is the hardest job we will ever have and although is can be the most frustrating, upsetting and confusing time it can also be the most rewarding.

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