Mobile Phones in Teenagers Bedrooms during Sleeping Hours

    Teenagers – The Effects of Phones in Bedrooms during Sleeping Hours

    In 2012 it was estimated that 1/3 of teenagers slept with their phones under their pillow. I wonder what that percentage would be today? It is a growing concern that lack of sleep is one of the biggest issues with young people – especially exam year teens.
    I recently ran a workshop for exam year students and asked them the following question;

    How does lack of sleep effect you?

    As you can imagine there were many different answers but all with a negative effect on the teen.

    Cranky – moody – irritable – lack of motivation – lack of concentration – eating too much or too little – and many more.

    The next question I asked;

    How many of you have your phones with you in your bedroom at night?

    I am rarely shocked (as a mum of 4 myself) but when approximately 75% of students put up their hands – I was visibly shocked.

    We spent the next 45 mins talking about the pros and cons of same. I could visibly see, for some, this was a lightbulb moment. They had never even ‘thought’ about the impact of having their phone with them at night. How this one habit effected so much in their daily lives.

    We, as parents, have to remember, this is a new world for all of us – a world run by technology. Our kids and teens are not getting enough support and advice as to how to live in this every changing world in a safe and happy way.
    If, even a few of the students I spoke to that day realised the importance of NOT having their phones in the bedroom during sleeping hours, I would be very happy.
    This one change in their daily lives can have a huge positive impact. I am well aware of the arguments this may cause in family life, but, unfortunately for us parents – this is our job!

    There is enough stress around exams in this Country, our kids do not need the added effects of exhaustion, moodiness, lack of motivation, irritability etc.

    Please feel free to get in touch should you have any queries regarding any of the above.

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