Parent Coaching

    Parenting is the hardest job we will ever have yet the only job that comes without any training.  As a mum of four, I fully understand the ups and downs of parenting.




    0-5 YEARS

    We can teach our kids so many life skills at an early age – how to take responsibility for their actions, how to make choices, how to deal with disappointment, how to deal with change and most importantly, how to be a best friend to themselves.

    6 -12 YEARS

    Self-esteem is the basis of how our kids will be in the world.  We can help them to understand how important it is to like themselves and accept themselves (the good and the not so good).  It is so important for them to get to know what they are good at and spend time doing just that.  Kids will spend so much time on social media and at school, their passions and interests can be lost.  It is through their passions and interests that they learn so much more about themselves, which will help them so much throughout their teenage years.

    13-18 YEARS

    Transition from Primary to Secondary school can bring many hardships for teens – image, friendships, sense of belonging, sense of self, outside interests, peer pressure, exam pressure, and many more.  It is impossible for us, their parents, to know what is going on in our teenagers heads, what is going on in their lives.  Communication is vital, there are many things we do not need to know but our teenagers need to know they can come to us if something is bothering them.  Who else can they turn to?  I strongly believe ‘trust them until they give you a reason not to’.  You know your child better than anyone else – listen to your gut.