Parenting Classes

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    Parenting Classes

    Jumpstart Your Confidence has recently launched a choice of parenting classes, at affordable prices, to suit all stages of parenting.

    Group Classes and One to One Classes available

    Parenting is a very difficult and challenging job, as a qualified Parent Coach with the ILI, and a background in child psychology, I fully understand the impact that parental issues can have on the overall family dynamics.


    • How to respond instead of react;
    • How to be kind and firm at the same time;
    • How to foster a calmer and happier family dynamic, with less yelling;
    • The best ways to work with children to find solutions;
    • To remain calmer as a parent;
    • To gain a better understanding of children;
    • To improve communication between the parents and the children.



    “Help, I know I need help with my kids, but I am afraid to let other people know I am have difficulties?  I would be embarrassed to attend parenting classes, what can I do?”

    This is a frequently asked question; many parents believe that taking a parenting class would feel like being sent to the principles office.  If they go to a class they will be made to feel bad for not parenting the ‘right way’ or fear they may be publicly humiliated.

    This does not happen, what tends to happen is concerned, interested parents meet other like-minded parents with very similar issues.  This gives the parents the knowledge that they are not the ‘only ones’ looking for help. They also get ideas from each other as well as the Coach.

    Sometimes parents may choose individual Coaching Sessions as they feel this option will suit them best.

    Whatever option they choose, they will learn they are already doing a great job, but may need a few tools to help them along the way.

    Why do parents take a parenting class?

    Even the best parent knows that parenting is one of the most difficult challenges an individual will ever face. Just when a parent feels they have a handle on things, the goal posts change. With each transition a child goes through, the parent also has to learn the necessary tools to help them to deal with these changes.

    Sometimes parents are choosing to parent in a way that is different to how they were parented.  Other times parents recognize that parenting today is different than it was a generation ago.

    There is limited training to become a great parent.  With the pressures that adults face in today’s fast paced society; balancing family, work commitments and personal care, can sometimes be overwhelming.   This is when a parent coach can be there to help.

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    For enquiries on any of the above, please contact Eileen at

    Mobile   0868112110


    “Children are apt to live up to what you believe of them” – Lady Bird Johnson