Parenting Tips – Part 3 – 2013


    Look for positive behavior.  Sometimes children behave badly continuously because they have come to believe it is a good way to get attention.

    Every now and then, when they do behave well, you may be too tired to notice or afraid to say a word in case it reverts to bad behavior again. But it is especially important to pay attention to the positive things your child does.


    Try to see a situation from your child’s point of view.

    It’s much easier to find ways to improve behavior if you understand why it exists in the first place.  Sometimes when bad behavior persists, after all forms of punishment, there is usually an underlying reason, fear, upset in school, being bullied in any form, anger or jealousy.  Punishments can help to reduce behavior but in theses cases it is imperative to get to the underlying reasons.


    Don’t be slow to get help for your child.

    If your child’s negative behavior continues despite your best efforts, don’t let too much time pass without seeking help from a professional.  This person can support you in dealing with a difficult behavioral challenge.  Most of the time you will sort it yourself but if you hit a wall, do get help.

    Remember everyone faces challenging behavior, it is how we choose to deal with it that is most important.  Children will always challenge us, it is their job to push us to the edge – pick your battles with your children, close your ears to it when suitable, don’t argue unnecessarily.  Try to remember when you were their age;


    What upset you?

    What frightened you?

    What made you feel insecure?

    What made you happy?

    What made you feel loved?


    These are basic feelings but the very ones that build your children’s character, self-esteem and confidence.

    Communication is vital – always keep the lines of communication open to allow your child to open up to you.



    Next week – The importance of listening.

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