I am not sure where to begin to thank you for the remarkable transformation you have brought about in my daughter Alice.

    I must admit that I was very concerned as I watched my lovely little girl, despite, or perhaps in spite of our best efforts, becoming a retiring and reticent ‘clone’, overly made up and desperately trying to fit some image that was simply not her, for the sake of acceptance by her peers. She went from a happy, bright, out-going child to someone who was afraid to say or do anything that might appear to be ‘uncool’. I felt quite helpless at times as I witnessed her disappear.

    I am not sure what magic potion you used but the results have been quite spectacular. It has been several months since you saw her and I am sure that you won’t remember her but suspect that you would not recognise her now either. She is no longer the quiet, retiring and somewhat ‘orange’ hued young lady that she was but has blossomed into herself. Incidentally (or perhaps not!) about the time that Alice rediscovered herself the bullying stopped. I am not privy to all of her dynamics, nor should I be, but it seems that she simply stopped being a victim. She did confide in me though that she had decided to cut back on her use of social media / facebook because it was “mostly just crap”. I don’t really know what you do, Eileen. I asked Alice but she didn’t want to discuss it much and I had to respect that. She did say however that “Eileen, well…she’s kinda like a mum but she’s cool. She, like totally got me”. Do you think if I sent her back to you again you could convince her not to use the word ‘like’ in every single sentence, or is that just asking too much.

    What you do should be part of every school’s curriculum particularly in our present climate.

    Many many thanks – the concerned dad!

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