From the 1st day at Primary School to the last day at Secondary School – 14 years in the blink of an eye!

    My eldest daughter, Megan, had her graduation mass last night and I had to share the emotion of this experience as a mum with you. The time from when she started primary school to today has gone by so fast – it really is frightening. People always said to me ‘the time goes so fast once they start secondary school’, but I didn’t believe just how fast they meant. I found myself being the ‘sad mum’ with tears streaming down my face during the beautiful ceremony. (well I am a bit of a cryer) The singing (from their ty musical, personal year song),,,,to the beautiful readings,,,,,to the amazingly touching speeches from the principle, head and deputy head girl were so impressive and touching. The head and deputy head girls were a credit to their parents and their school, their ability to show their true emotion in their speeches was wonderful. Their 137 fellow students gave them a standing ovation and you could feel the emotion heighten throughout the church. This is to me what school life should be all about. Yes academia is important, but the friendships, life lessons, support and love these girls showed for each other was so touching. I have no doubt many of them will stay in touch for years to come.
    To all of you mums out there, please believe me when I say this time flies by…..because it really does. Take the time to take her (him) to lunch, go shopping, take that odd weekend away, take the time to ‘really’ get to know your growing teenager, take the time for her to get to know you. Let her see you laugh out loud, let her see your true personality (not just the mum in you). Memories like these can never be repeated – memories like these will be the most important times ye share together. I know we are all busy and non stop running from a to b, but what is more important. Take it from a mum who knows how fast this time goes, make the most of it – ‘make the memories’.
    “I know a girl, she puts the colour inside of my world”.
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