What is a bully? A heartwrenching letter written by a 11year child who was the victim of bullying.

    Don’t they think?

    Don’t you think I know I’m fat

    Don’t you think I don’t hate not being as capable as them not being able to race or have fun

    Don’t you think I go home and cry myself to sleep naming off things that are wrong with me wondering why people pick on me for my physical appearance

    Don’t you think it hurts when people stare at me or call me names

    Don’t you think that one kid who cires or that one kid who craves for attention wants nothing more than to have a friend

    Don’t you think I know that a boy will never look in my direction because of the way I look

    Don’t you think I hate that even my closest friends pick on me

    Don’t you think that I wish one person could look past the outside to see inside

    Don’t you think that I’m constantly making feeble attempts for people to laugh at my jokes so that I feel almost normal

    Don’t you think you are a pretty bad person right about now?

    Of course you don’t.  Cause you don’t think about how other people feel.

    Think about THIS next time you make fun of the chubby one or the one who needs extra help.

    Think about THIS next time you make an innocent kid cry or call her a nerd or a waste of space.

    Think about THIS next time you guys laugh about someone behind their back or even to their faces.

    Think about THIS.


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