What is Parent Coaching? Why might I need a Parent Coach?



    Have you ever asked yourself;

    ‘What am I doing wrong’?

    ‘When did she turn into a monster’?

    ‘When did we stop talking’?

    ‘Why is he so angry so much of the time’?

    ‘Why is he spending hours in his room’?

    “I cant deal with her tantrums, what will I do’?


    One to One Parent Coaching


    Parents often meet with different issues at different stages, parent coaching assists and supports you in your parenting issues and the challenges you face.

    Parents are under huge pressure to parent perfectly, work hard, play hard and at the same time stay calm and understanding with their wonderful, but sometimes exhausting and exasperating children. Parenting is, without exception, the hardest and most challenging job you will ever have, yet also the only job that comes without training.

    A happy parent = a happy child, this is something we do not give enough time to as busy parents. Finding a balance between work and parenting and play that works for your family is detrimental to a positive, calm atmosphere in your home. This is achievable with the right support and advice. Parent coaching is a relatively new concept in Ireland but one that gives huge support to parents throughout the country. It is a service that is tailor made to address your particular concerns in a private and confidential environment either at my office in Mary Street, Cork City or by phone/email at a prearranged time. Daytime/evening or weekend appointments are possible to facilitate one or both parents.

    Feedback from these sessions is that suggestions are practical, offering tips and skills that really make a difference in our parenting. We find better ways of dealing with behavior and this helps to create a calmer and happier home. We now take the time to discuss our parenting options to work out what is best for our family. We understand that we are not alone, there are hundreds of parents feeling stressed, pressurised and worn out from parenting but the difference is that now we have support, we have someone to turn to for advice.


    Affirming words from moms and dads are like light switches. Speak a word of affirmation at the right moment in a child’s life and it’s like lighting up a whole roomful of possibilities.

    — Gary Smalley



    Children are the proof we’ve been here… they are the best thing and the most impossible thing. – Allison Pearson

    Allison Pearson

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