“Your Child Is Like A Copying Machine – What You Put In, You Will Get Out” November, 2013. Parenting Tips Part 7

    Your Child Is A Living Copying Machine – What You Give Is What You Get!


    Prepare yourself for a strange metaphor:


    ‘Your child is like a living copying machine”


    What you ‘put in’ your child is going to be what your child will let out.


    This means that the way you deal with challenges and the way you respond to your child will highly influence the way your child learns to respond to you and to deal with challenges.

    What ever our child sees us being and doing: For instance, the energy we emit, our communication skills, our coping strategies, our type of presence, our general attitude to life and so on, our child will, to a large degree, copy this.

    That’s what children do!  Never underestimate how much children will hear, will see, and will notice even when we think they are not listening, looking or present.


    How do you think your child might copy you if:

    • We feel life is a constant battle, feel tense most of the time and are unapproachable…


    • We treat our child with disrespect by generally overruling our child


    • We don’t stay fully present and take the time to listen to our child….


    • We tend to become angry in conflicts and force our way through because that’s quicker than trying to understand things from our kid’s perspective


    ….Our kids will give us these exact actions and coping strategies right back in our own faces –


    Awareness that “my child is a copying machine” may help us to turn our behavior around to something more positive, thus, empowering our kids rather than disempowering them.



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