I now work with over 1500 teenagers in a school year and have gained so much insight into their thought process. A few years ago I began looking at my own life and the choices that have led me to where I am today. I became committed to learning how to feel really good about myself regardless of what others thought about me or what what circumstances were going on in my life. That didn’t mean I was arrogant, it meant I learnt how to be true to myself. At times this was challenging but with the tools I have acquired I managed to stay on track. Jumpstart is my passion and I feel very lucky to be in a position to have a job that is my passion. Coaching (all ages) enables you to examine and work through the areas in your life where you ‘feel stuck’ or ‘want more’. By looking at your core values and the things that really excite you in life, I can help you create the life that will make you feel truly balanced and fulfilled.

    Whether the next phase in your life involves hitting the books, hitting secondary school, hitting the road or finding your passion, I will help you to get motivated and keep you on track. My general philosophy is based on the power of the mind. Your thoughts do make your life story. You have the ability to choose the person you want to be, choose the path you want to take – you just need to believe in yourself. Wisdom, gut feelings, instinct, intuition, self-belief, self-confidence, key values all play a big role in how you are in the world. At one point I asked myself “Why do we start coaching so late in life, why do we not teach these tools to kids and help them to be the best they can be from an early age?” I looked at many options online until I found the one that suited me – Wisdom Coaching For Kids – I am now a certified Coach with them and plan to open a new dimension to my business – Life Coaching for Kids.