Teenage Mentoring

    “A Mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside of yourself.  A Mentor is someone who helps you to see the gifts and passions you have.  A mentor is someone who allows you to see the higher part of yourself when sometimes it becomes hidden in your own view.”


    teenage mentoring for boys and girls


    It is impossible to know what is going on in anyone’s head, the daily battles they may be facing.

    Teenagers need to be given the tools to stand up to peer pressure to allow them to lead a happy successful life.






    The need to achieve is becoming a huge concern for teenagers.

    They need to understand they can only do ‘their’ best and that their best is always good enough.





    Everyone needs to know how to deal with bullies.

    Everyone needs to understand the reasons why some people bully others.

    More often than not the bully is dealing with issues of their own, it is rarely to do with the person they are bullying.

    If the victim understands why someone may bully others and has the tools to deal with the bully, this can alleviate a lot of possible pain and upset.




    Social media means teenagers lead a very fast paced life, this in turn can become very overwhelming and many teenagers suffer from anxiety and emotional overload.

    They need to understand emotions and how to deal with them.  They need to understand it is ok to feel sad, upset, lonely, overwhelmed – these are normal feelings for teenagers – it is how they deal with these feelings that is important




    Self-esteem is an ongoing issue with so many teenagers.  Low self-esteem leads to so many problems – bullying, giving in to peer pressure, friendship issues, eating disorders, depression – to name a few.

    We cannot give someone self-esteem, but the good news is we can teach them how to build their own self-esteem and show them the importance to listening to themselves more and putting time into getting to know themselves.

    When someone is happy with who they are, and believe they can set goals for themselves and achieve those goals, they will build  strong positive self-esteem which will stand to them for life.




    Friendship and relationship issues are becoming a big issue with teenagers.

    Face to face communication is becoming less important to them.

    Giving ‘time’ to friendships and relationships is essential for anyone to build strong relationships.

    Social media gives a  false sense of relationships and, this in turn, can lead to a lot of lonely teenagers.